America's Civil Rights Movement

Lift Every Voice: A Letter to the Editor

A multimedia piece exploring the music, images, and spirit of mid-century America.

PRESENTED LIVE: Pushcart will provide a study guide connected to our live performance of LIFT EVERY VOICE: A LETTER TO THE EDITOR.

Available February-June 2024
(Ideal for Grades 4 through 8)

“Lift Every Voice…” celebrates the courage and resilience of everyday Americans during the Civil Rights Movement.

The story centers on Junebug, a 12-year-old boy in the 1960’s South, who learns of James Meredith’s attempt to enroll as the first African American at the University of Mississippi. When the editor of “The Oxford Eagle,” a local newspaper, expresses her negative opinions on integration, Junebug takes matters into his own hands and confronts these views, speaking out for equality and inclusion.

This play with music offers a pathway to understanding and compassion for young learners.  Historical touchstones include the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Little Rock Nine, the Greensboro sit-ins, and the Civil Rights Movement.

The production resonates with the voice in each of us to fight against injustice.

Playwright – Tylie Shider
Orchestrations – Khy Garner
Director – Paul Whelihan
Musical Director – Christynn Morris
Technical Designer – Floyd Bussie
Music Production / Soundtrack – Sam Tucker
Media Designers – Ashvin Kapoor, Paul Whelihan
Media Production – Serena Buchan, Felicity D. Selby
Costume Designer – Ellen Beattie

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