Tree Tales

Cuentos del Árbol

A delightful bilingual musical drawn from Spanish and Latin America folklore.

PRESENTED LIVE: Pushcart will provide a study guide connected to our live performance of CUENTOS DEL ARBOL.

Available October 2022-June 2023

(Ideal for Grades Pre-K through 5)

“Cuentos del Árbol” is designed to bring Spanish to life and make theatre accessible to students, parents and grandparents for whom English is a second language.

The centerpiece of all the “tales” is a tree (Un Árbol) that has sheltered, shielded and nurtured countless characters who have passed her way over the years. The tree’s caretaker, Arbolita, shares four of these stories with Tomas, a storyteller, who is looking for tales for his collection.

The tales include The Garden of the Golden OrangesBrothers Who Were Both Wise and FoolishJuan Bobo (Silly John) and Caperucita Roja (Red Riding Hood), a perennial favorite in both Spanish and English households. A spirited finale is designed to send audiences home with “dancing feet, clapping hands and happy hearts.”

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